Community Investment Tax Credit

Hilltown CDC has developed a Community Investment Plan (CIP) that outlines our strategic goals and vision for the coming years.  The creation of this Community Investment Plan comes at a time when there is a new incentive for community members, businesses and institutions to invest in local community development.  The state's new Community Investment Tax Credit Program provides that local individuals, businesses and institutions are eligible for a 50% state tax credit when making donations of $1,000 or more to Hilltown CDC to support the wide range of services it provides to the region.  When combined with federal tax deductions for charitable giving, a donor can get back as much as 62.5% of the donation amount.   For more information about Community Investment Tax Credits, go to How the Community Investment Tax Credit Works.

The Community Investment Plan is a “living document” that will incorporate new ideas and initiatives based on community input and identified needs.  The CIP includes the continuation of currently successful programs and services as well as new initiatives, which might include: offering a community calendar for public use; focusing on agricultural economic development; multi-town emergency response planning; and long term planning to address the increase in the senior population in the hilltowns.


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Community Investment Plan