Medical Services for Elders

The HOPE Program (Health Outreach Program for Elders) brings “in-home” medical services to homebound elders.  Administered by the Worthington Health Center from its central rural location, HOPE brings vital services that have previously been difficult to arrange or unavailable.  Home nursing visits, medication and podiatry services and physician home visits meet the needs of elders who are struggling with issues of illness, recovery, medication, aging, home safety and independent living challenges. Under a doctor’s supervision, specially trained registered nurses and/or a podiatric specialist visit homebound elders in need.  Some patients require direct services while others need care with coordination, medical oversight or information and referral.

Currently 80-100 elders are visited periodically.  A large portion of HEN participants are served by this program, thus helping to create the beginnings of a local comprehensive system of elder in-home care. HOPE also helps to arrange medical transportation for elders, an immense task in the Hilltowns, especially during the winter months.  HOPE staff help to limit suffering and isolation and provide many necessary “in-home” medical services previously unavailable in the Hilltowns. HOPE also offers elders in-home assistance with the task of organizing Medicare & MassHealth details, insurance and other medical billing issues. There are no costs to these services provided to eligible elders.

For further information, call 413-238-4158 ext. 131.

The HOPE program is administered by the Hilltown Health Centers and funded, in part, through Massachusetts Community Development Block Grants, currently through the Town of Chesterfield.