Childcare Subsidy Program

The Childcare Subsidy Program provides low-moderate income households with a subsidy to help defray the cost of childcare in the towns of Chesterfield, Cummington, Goshen, Plainfield, Peru, and Worthington. Parents/guardians must be working, or in a vocational or educational program during childcare hours to qualify. Payments are made directly to the licensed daycare provider of your choice. Depending on income and attendance, the program may be able to cover all or most of monthly costs.

Gross household annual income and assets must be below the following limits to be eligible:

Household of 2 - $51,650
Household of 3 - $58,100
Household of 4 - $64,550
Household of 5 - $69,750
Household of 6 - $80,050

For more information about the program contact Steve Herzberg at or call 518-368-1805

Return applications to Bea von Hagke at Hilltown CDC, PO Box 17, Chesterfield, MA, 01012 or email to

The Child Care Subsidy Program is an Equal Opportunity Program This Program is funded by a Community Development Block Grant from the Massachusetts Department of Housing & Community Development provided to the Town of Chesterfield