Supporting a critical network of neighbors helping neighbors

Hilltown CDC plays a leadership role in ensuring that social services are available to hilltown residents in need.  Providing a social safety net is an integral part of community development. Hilltown CDC’s social service programs provide support to our most vulnerable neighbors and create job opportunities for local residents.

Our social service programs have reached thousands of low- and moderate-income Hilltown residents. We coordinate the Hilltown Elder Network (HEN), which pays local people to provide in-home chore services for low-income elders. We also support the Health Outreach Program for Elders (HOPE), the Childcare Subsidy Program and the Hilltown Food Pantry.

OUR Programs & SErvices:

For more information about our social service programs call Program Manager Charlie Hayes, at 413-296-4536 Ext. 120 or email

Funding for these programs is provided by: Highland Valley Elder Services Title III Funds, Town of Chesterfield Community Development Block Grant, the Eleanor Schwartz Charitable Foundation, and local donations.