Multiply the impact of your gift and earn a refund on your state taxes

The Community Investment Tax Credit provides a 50% refundable state tax credit for donations to Community Development Organizations in Massachusetts.  Unrestricted funds from CITC donations have enabled Hilltown Community Development to act more strategically and collaboratively to support planning and identify key opportunities in the communities we serve.   The tax credit is equal to 50% of a donation of $1,000 or more made by a corporation, an individual or a nonprofit institution.  If you are not a Massachusetts resident or you do not owe any state income tax, the tax credit will be paid to you directly; it is “refundable.” For more information please visit

Here is an example of the out-of-pocket cost of a CITC donation.  Please consult with a tax professional to determine your actual federal tax deductions and total savings. If you have any questions about the program call Denise LeDuc at 413-296-4536 x114. Thank you for your generous support!