Building and renovating homes and apartments for Hilltown families and seniors


Hilltown CDC has been developing and renovating housing for low and moderate-income tenants since 1981. We also develop and build affordable housing for seniors. 

The most common type of housing in the Hilltowns is single-family detached homes, most of which are not affordable for households with modest incomes.  The scarcity of rental housing creates an additional challenge for those who are priced out of the housing market. In addition, many seniors living in the Hilltowns need accessible, low maintenance housing options. Hilltown CDC’s housing development work is designed to address these housing needs by developing a variety of affordable housing options. 

During the last several years, Hilltown CDC has built or renovated 17 homes for first-time home buyers. In addition, Hilltown CDC currently owns 53 units of local rental housing. Our rental housing, located in renovated buildings in Haydenville, Williamsburg, Chesterfield and Huntington, ranges from studio apartments to three- and four-bedroom units. We also built and own 15 units of senior housing in Westhampton and 10 units of senior housing in Goshen.

For more information on Hilltown CDC’s affordable housing, contact Cindy Thibeau at (413) 296-4536 ext. 105. Hilltown residents and local organizations with an interest in affordable housing are encouraged to contact us to discuss our programs or tell us about the housing needs in your community.

Current Apartments

Below are the properties and apartments we have renovated and currently lease to eligible tenants. To find out about current vacancies and availability, please contact Cindy Thibeau, Housing Services Coordinator at (413) 296-4536 ext. 105