Goshen Adopts Complete Streets Policy

The Hilltown CDC is pleased to share that MassDOT has accepted the Complete Streets Plan put together by the town of Goshen Select Board, Highway Superintendent, and the town’s Complete Streets committee, making Goshen one of the smallest communities in the state to adopt such a policy! The plan was developed in partnership with the Hilltown CDC and Healthy Hampshire, with assistance from WalkBoston, who conducted a walk audit with community stakeholders in the Spring of 2017 (pictured). The plan emphasizes safe walking, signage, streetscape design and walking trails that connect the town center to the DAR State Park and other recreational areas. With recent renovations to the Town Hall and the new senior housing development project completed in June 2018, accessibility - particularly for older adults - including crosswalks, ramps, and other amenities became a high priority for the town. Creating a sense of place that is both accessible and attractive will also encourage pedestrian activity, calm traffic and contribute to a sense of community. Now, Goshen is turning their sights to a town-center planning process funded through the Executive Office of Energy & Environmental Affairs. Congratulations Goshen!


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