Help us create a vibrant future for our rural community

Since 1981, Hilltown CDC has been providing community development services to the Hilltown region.  We love the Hilltowns and the people that live here.  We feel it is important to protect and advocate for our rural communities in Massachusetts.  Please help support our mission to do just that.  We are the only CDC serving the Hilltowns and we are one of the strongest rural advocates in the state.  Please feel free to contact us or stop by our office to learn more about our work.  

 We have two primary opportunities for donors: 

1) You can make a general donation at any level that is comfortable for you.   Many people support us with $100 donations annually, or you can donate whatever amount feels right for you. 

2) You can make a larger investment in our mission with a donation of $1,000 or more and qualify for a Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credit (CITC).  This tax credit will refund you 50% of your donation when you complete your state taxes It is available to individuals, businesses, corporations, partnerships, foundations, and donor advised funds.  Community Investment Tax Credit donations provide flexible working capital that can be used to seed new programs, fill funding gaps and leverage other resources. If your tax liability is less than the amount of your donation, the credit is refundable, meaning the Commonwealth will issue you a check for the balance of the credit. If you would like to learn more about the Community Investment Tax Credit Program, please contact Denise LeDuc at 413.296.4536 ext. 114 or Dave Christopolis at 413.296.4536 ext. 118.